Bathing water quality

Standard for water quality


Certification reference for the system of the quality of bathing water

People concerned

Local authorities and private companies responsible for bathing water

Your interest

To reach at least the quality level of "sufficient" en 2015 for all bathing water, coastal or inland.

Allowing you to:

  • To help those responsible for the quality of bathing water to conform with new regulations.
  • To encourage the anticipation of futur obligations.
  • To invest in establishing a self-monitoring system for sources of pollution and the quality of bathing water, which complements the already required monitoring.
  • Highlight to swimmers this proactive approach by the use of a logo.

Audit team

The auditing team consists systematically of an expert mastering environmental regulations in this line of work.


  • The technical reference document is based on the principles of a system of environmental management type ISO 14001.
    It is based on the concept of continuous improvement, which will facilitate the achievement of the objectives set by the european directive 2006/7 /EC
  • Have a minimum of 50% of sites classified as A or B to apply for certification.