ISO 22716

Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Standard ISO 22716

People concerned

All sectors of the cosmetic industrie from the stage of manufacture, production, control, storage and packaging, to the delivery of cosmetic products.
Producers of finished products, distributors, importers or exporters in the cosmetic business.

ISO 22716 cosmetic GMP

Audit team

The auditing team consists systematically of an expert mastering the trade and the regulations in this line of work.


New responsibilities have been defined between all actors of the chain, the "product description document" must be more detailed to prove the products to be harmless and packaging and labelling standards have been imposed.
Since 11 july 2013, all products circulating on the european market must be developed respecting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), described in ISO 22716.

The certification audit can be coupled with the system audits ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001