COVID-19 Measures

October 30, 2020

Our certification missions continue to respect the sanitary rules of October 2020.

We maintain the essential axes:

  • The protection of the health of our employees, partners, clients, and the entire population, by respecting the instructions of social distancing and individual protection.
  • The maintenance of our clients' certificates, in acceptable quality conditions, with or without modulation of on-site audits.
  • The monitoring of the capacity to reschedule all the audits that have been postponed, both at our level and at the level of certified entities that also need to catch up with their activities towards their clients.
  • All our employees remain mobilized by your side to provide you with the necessary guidance under the required conditions.
  • We have masks, hand sanitizer, sleeping areas, and schedules to optimize with you.

In case of need, please contact your usual auditor or email us at