ISO 20387 and ISO 9001

January 16, 2023

Already thirty CRB sites certified by EQS

ISO 20387 certification, the French leadership

In 2023, the threshold of thirty CRB sites benefiting from double certification
ISO 20387 and ISO 9001 certification issued by Euro-Quality System (EQS) is reached.

These CRBs are the vanguard of the precursors who have been involved in the process since the first ISO 20387 certificate was issued in Europe in March 2020 by EQS.

Created in 1990, Euro-Quality System confirms its proactive positioning in the field of Biobanking thanks to its precursor clients.

The history of EQS biobanking certifications

In December 2003, the first ISO 9001 certificate issued in France for a biobank for health and therapeutic purposes. Since 2007, ISO 9001 certifications for research BRCs in France and in West Africa. To date, more than fifty biobanking sites have been certified according to ISO 9001 and/or ISO 20387 and/or NF S96-900.

Euro-Quality System is also the only certifying body to have issued ISO 20387 certificates for plant or animal CRBs.

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