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ISO 20387 Frequently Asked Questions - Biobanking

With several dozen days of auditing and more than two years of practice on this recent standard, we have a little more hindsight on its particularities and specificities.

We take advantage of this feedback to bring you some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the ISO 20387 standard:

  • ISO 20387 in France: Accreditation or certification?
  • If an accreditation programme according to ISO 20387 was launched, would current certificates be cancelled?
  • Will ISO 20387 cancel NF S96-900?
  • Can I benefit from support for the deployment of ISO 20387 by my certifier, particularly during my ISO 9001 or NF S96-900 certification audits?
  • For the entities concerned, what about the recognition by the DGOS of ISO 20387 as a quality certification for BRCs?

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