ISO 20387 Biobanking - Certification in University Hospital Center

On May 24th, we delivered the first certification in a University Hospital Center (CHU) following ISO 20387.

This certification was awarded to the Biobank of the CHU of Montpellier, together with ISO 9001 in addition to their current certification to NF S96-900. It covers all activities and sites of the Biobank of the CHU of Montpellier. The Biobank becomes the first to hold certification according to the three standards.

With this first certification of a University Hospital Biobank following ISO 20387, Euro-Quality System confirms its position as a leader in biobank standardization.

Congratulations to the teams of the Biobank of the CHU of Montpellier for this double extension of ISO 9001 and ISO 20387.

Link to the CHU de Montpellier website.