ISO 20387 Certification

On March 20, we issued the first certification in France, following ISO 20387, an international reference for a quality management system dedicated to the activities of biobanks.
This certification was awarded to the CRB of the Jean Dausset Foundation - Human Polymorphism Study Center (CEPH) - , in addition to the renewal of their ISO 9001:2015 certification.

With this first certification in France according to the standard ISO 20387, Euro-Quality System strengthens its position as national leader in the field of CRB certification, Biobanks and Research Units collections managers.

With nearly 80 sites certified for the management of the quality of biological resources according to the ISO 9001, NF S96-900 or ISO 20387 standards, Euro-Quality System participates to the valorization and the impartial recognition of the quality of biobank know-how.

Congratulations to the CEPH CRB team's for the results of this challenge.

Link to the CEPH website